OUR MISSION is to be a healthy biblical community of African Heritage Free Methodist Leaders supporting one another, assisting the Free Methodist Church of North America in understanding the societal distinctives in the African-American and African Heritage community in order to multiply disciples, leaders, groups and churches.

OUR VISION is to see the Free Methodist Church USA become a church committed to the inclusiveness of all people in the call to know God as revealed in Jesus Christ.


  • Identify, recruit, and nurture young people for consideration to ordained ministry
  • Identify, motivate, and assist leaders to fulfill their potential in the denomination
  • Assist members in becoming involved in AHN activities
  • Provide accountability for Pastor/Leaders in the network by utilizing cluster groups
  • Utilize fellowship to assist in the retention of AH FMCUSA clergy
  • Examine the current climate of and sensitivity to race and culture in the FMCUSA
  • Provide advocacy for inclusion in ministry opportunities throughout denomination
  • Promote the advancement and inclusion of AH women in the Wesleyan Tradition.


  • Inform AH members of prayer and benevolent needs of members
  • Offer training utilizing technology to uplift AH members
  • Utilize portions of the AHN Annual Conference to intentionally develop opportunities for wholeness and healing for participants
    • Develop “Thought Groups” to discuss issues and concerns
    • Ensure a time for release and reflection
    • Utilize AHN members through the email list-serve to send out positive weekly thoughts
    • Each member is given the opportunity to write a weekly devotional/inspirational word for the week
    • Provide Cross Cultural Training to churches in urban communities that have evolve.


  • Determine and develop programming for the professional development needs of Network members
  • Identify, develop and provide a list of available resources
  • Categorize a cadre of leaders, facilitators for teaching and training: retreats, workshops
  • Advance programs and strategies to help enhance the effectiveness of Network members engaged in urban ministry
  • Develop strategies for enhancing the financial status of the AH Network



    • Identify & Develop Pastors for AHN and Cross Cultural Ministry
    • Retain current AH pastors
    • Educate and guide denomination in interface with AH culture
    • Establish and maintain AH accountability groups
    • Serve as liaison between AH Pastors and the FMCUSA and its conferences when necessary
    • Equip the AH Pastors through workshops, mentoring, and other learning opportunities
    • Utilizing our gifting to enhance the larger body via a speakers bureau
    • Increase and sustain the number of AH woman pastors